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Swimming Benefits For Elderly

Swimming is a great way for elderly people to get the exercise they require to stay healthy but not put undo stress on their knees and ankles, which are problem areas for many.

An individual who has worked his or her whole life will start suffering from mild to severe joint problems by the time they reach the age of 50.

Not coincidentally this is when many people start slowing down.  Its not that they do not enjoy doing physical activities but it hurts their joints when they do so.

This creates more problems in the long run.  If you do not work you muscles then they deteriorate. The problem with joint and muscle problems is only compounded when you turn into a couch potato.

The solution: swimming classes. Taking regular swimming classes several times a week can improve endurance, help your cardiovascular system and strengthen your core muscle groups.

Can’t other exercises do that?


But the constant impact puts stress on your body.

Swimming allows you to exert yourself physically without placing stress on your ankles and knees.

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