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Even Adults Are Susceptible to Drowning

Adults Need To Learn To Swim Also

When people think about swimming lessons they mainly think about children.

There is the assumption that adults cannot drown.

This is simply not true.  Adults can die from drowning just like children can.

Are the percentages much lower?  Yes, they are.

Last year there were 41 drowning deaths in Texas (2nd behind Florida).

Adults who cannot swim are far less likely to be near or in the water because they are more aware of their own limitations.

Children, on the other hand, might play in the water without  having any prior knowledge of how to swim.

What’s more, a child’s friends who are the same age as him are far less likely to know what to do in an emergency situation versus the friends of a typical adult.

Nevertheless, there is no age at which a person IS NOT capable of drowning.

Last June, a woman named Marie Joseph died by drowning in a public pool.  She was 36 years old. Because of her dealth new safety precautions are being enacted in all the area’s local public pools.

She didn’t know how to swim.  She slid down the water slide, apparently thinking that area of the pool was more shallow than what is was.

It was twelve feet deep.  The water was cloudy and she slid in and never came up alive.

Just four days ago, an elderly man drowned in Cupsuptic Lake in Rangeley, Maine.

During the summer there are several news articles that pop up every single day about  an adult who drowned in small and large body of water.

The lesson: adults need to learn how to swim also.

Even if you are not a fan of the water learning how to swim is a great skill to learn.  You never know when you might be called to use it.  You might have to rescue someone else in the future.  It might be someone you know or a complete stranger.

Additionally, what kind of example are you setting for your children.  They notice more things than we think.  If their parents do not know how to swim then they might reason that its not important.

With our affordable packages there is no reason to put it off any longer.

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Who knows, one day, what you learn might save your life or the life of another. The cost to learn is worth every single penny.

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