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Where Has The Summer Gone?

I Love My Job

You’re Successful When You Get To Do What You Love Everyday

Hello everyone, I hope you all are enjoying your summer!  Hopefully it’s been filled with trips to the beach, backyard bar-b-ques and a nice family trip to Schlitterbahn (I love that place).

The last three months have been crazy for me. The amount swim lessons I have been doing has tripled from last year. Though I really did love being a teacher, I am really glad that I ended up leaving it.

It was always my passion to be an educator and now I get to do it independently of the educational bureaucracy.  My personal belief is that the educational system in Texas, as well as many other states, needs to be reformed because it burns out some of the best teachers who really want to make a difference. We truly need to applaud the ones that have been doing it for several decades because it is not easy.


Though teaching children is something I will always love, one of the most rewarding parts of my job has actually been teaching adults how to swim.  I never imagined that so many adults were suffering from some level of aquaphobia before I started this business.

It’s not extreme in most cases, yet very important to address the reasons for individuals who do not feel comfortable in water. This 36 yr old woman (and very sweet I may add) was telling me that she was thrown into a pool by her uncle when she was 5 years old, never came out until someone jumped in to get her, had a near drowning experience and never learned how to swim after that.

She told me that she can be sitting in the shallow part of the pool with no problem,  but gets a panic attack if someone so much as splashes her.  I had several lessons with her and now she is able to swim without any problem.  In many of these similar cases I have found it beneficial to not only teach this person the proper techniques of swimming so that they are confident in their ability but also attempt to talk about and tackle the root cause of their phobia.  I guess you could say I have turned into an “aqua-psychologist.”

Group Lessons

Many of my friends who own businesses themselves have suggested that I start offering group lessons.  Their reasoning is sound: you can make more money by teaching more individuals in one setting.

Though I have thought about it for some time, unfortunately, it goes against one of the core principals behind starting Feet2Fins. I firmly believe that people best learn how to swim, as well as many other things in life, when they get personalized training. Every person learns things at their own pace and something is lost when you teach something to a group. This is why many students get left behind in school. It isn’t because they are dumb, or unable to learn, but because they are not receiving the information in a way they can personally understand.

I really like the idea of being a private swimming tutor. Many children and adults have come to me after taking many different group classes, having learned virtually nothing in them. Several children have come to me after taking at months of group lessons and do not feel comfortable enough to swim independently.

So, for now, I have no plans of offering group lessons. I am going to try to eschew that idea for as long as I can. I started this company with a clear purpose in mind and its my goal to stick to that.

Its Hot But Enjoy Your Summer

The summers go so quickly so I hope you enjoy the last month we have of it. They are always over before you know it.  Make sure you use plenty of sunscreen and stay safe.  I cannot believe we are halfway done with 2013.  It feels like yesterday we were bringing in the new year. .


The Importance of Teaching Your Toddler to Swim

Knowing how to swim is one of the most important skills that a child can have. It encourages physical fitness, builds confidence and gives you peace of mind. The toddler years are the perfect time to enroll your child in swimming lessons because at this age children are beginning to develop a higher level of independence.

This age is critical for gaining water safety and swimming skills as they can save your child’s life. Swimming is an excellent full body exercise. Children who learn to swim early will continue to enjoy water activities throughout their lives.

Pool parties, swim team or just an evening of hanging out at the beach become a desired way to spend a summer afternoon. It is important in today’s world where many children and adults are obese that we teach our children to remain active and healthy. Watching your child gain the physical strength and stamina needed to swim during swimming lessons is a great bonding experience that will strengthen your relationship with your child.

Toddlers are beginning to test the boundaries of their independence. Swimming lessons that begin during this age can help build confidence in your little one as well as teach them boundaries. A qualified swim instructor will carefully guide your child as their learn how to treat water with respect. In addition, swimming lessons will be a perfect place for your toddler to meet new people and build new friendships.

The most important reason to enroll your toddler in swimming lessons is for safety. Every year tragedy strikes when a small child drowns in a family pool or other body of water. It only takes seconds for a place that is a haven for family activity to become the scene of a terrible accident.

A toddler with some basic water safety skills will learn the importance of staying away from pools or other bodies of water when an adult is not present. They will learn survival strategies in case they do accidentally fall into water. Every second your child can keep their head above water and yell for help is a second that can save their life.

For these reasons it is important to teach your child to swim. The toddler years are the perfect time to use the pool to build friendships and confidence and give your child a skill that will benefit them for their entire lives.

Chicago Drowning Related Deaths Up Among Children

According to the Chicago Sun-Times ten children under the age of 17 have drowned in the Chicago metropolitan area since summer begin.  There were 15 drowning related deaths of children and adults in Chicago during the whole year of 2011.

What does this mean? It means that more parents should be teaching their kids how to swim at earlier ages.  The ages have ranged from toddler to fifteen year olds.  Granted, some of those kids knew how to swim.  They were in a lake and wind conditions was more of a factor but if they knew proper swimming techniques…who knows.

Making sure your children are equipment to handle small to large bodies of water is very important.  Its an investment that will always pay off.  This especially applies for parents who have a swimming pool in their backyard.

Imagine how many young children have drowned in the backyard swimming pool. They were not being supervised for a brief moment, stumbled in and never came out alive. To be fair many of the parents of those kids were not negligent.  They did a great job at watching their son or daughter 99.9% of the time.  But, perhaps, maybe the phone rang or the pizza man came to the door.

In many cases the father or mother falls asleep without realizing it. How do you think they feel when the wake up to the horror of what has happened?  How do you think they feel?

Each swimming lesson will cost anywhere from $60-$90 depending on where you are and what season it is.  It takes 2-4 lessons for a child to adequately know how to swim.  That means that it will take $400 for a child to learn all the techniques about swimming including all the information he needs about water safety.

That might seem expensive but what is your child’s life worth?  Those parents probably consider that cost fairly cheap now, in hindsight.

When you know your child can swim does that mean you do not have to watch him/her.  Absolutely not!  But you can rest easier.  And if you were to fall asleep and your 3 year old stumbles into the pool then you might just wake up with a wet toddler in front of you instead of a dead one.

My advice: start early.  Your kids can start learning how to swim as early as age one. Start as soon as possible.  Why wait?  There is no reason why any child in Houston or this country should die by drowning.

Early Summertime Registration Special

 Save 15% Off Regular Price By Registering Before July 19

Summertime is here!  Say hello to 95 degree weather, the kids being out of school and a steady diet of backyard BBQ s.  Its the favorite time of the year for most people.

This time also begins the time that people in Houston like to go swimming.  Whether you are going to the beach or just taking a dip in your own pool there is nothing better than feeling the cool water against your skin when the heat is blistering outside.

What better time to learn how to swim?

To kick off summer Feet2Fins is offering a 15% discount to anyone who registers for swim classes before July 19.  We want to do our part to make this summer a safe and enjoyable time for all and encouraging people to learn how to properly swim is an excellent way to do so.

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