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As we head into Summer, thinking about swimming lessons for kids is very important.  School will be out in a few weeks and kids around Houston will be bored at home within a few days.  As parents, it is important to come up with safe, fun activities to keep kids engaged and out of trouble.  Swimming is one of those activities that if kids are properly trained can offer a number of benefits during this long, hot summer in Houston.

Swim Lessons Decrease Risk of Drowning

In a 2009 study, the American Academy of Pediatrics found that kids who had received some type of swim lessons had an 88% reduced risk of drowning compared to those who had not had formal swim lessons.  This alone should convince parents to enroll their children in swim lessons as early as possible.

Swimming Builds Strength

Swimming is not often thought of as a way for kids to get in shape, but it is actually a great workout.  Swimming strengthens muscles throughout the entire body and is a great way to keep kids active as opposed to sitting at home playing video games.

Kids Who Swim Do Better in School

Some studies have shown that swimming actually helps your kids do better in school.  Researchers found that the type of learning that kids experience in early swim lessons helps to develop the necessary skills that kids will use when they actual start school.

Swimming Can Be Done at Any Age

Some sports are much more difficult for young people.  Swimming is a sport that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages.  Why not help your kid develop a skill that he or she will enjoy for the rest of their lives?

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If you are looking for private swim lessons for kids, Feet2Fins would be happy to provide you with our competitive rates as well as a list of our credentials.  We are certified with over 10 years of experience and would love to help your child learn how to swim!  Give us a call today at 832-704-3545 or shoot us an email at feet2fins@gmail.com.

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